Help a Disabled Lady Veteran

Please Help a Truly Heroic Disabled Lady Veteran!

Help a lady vet captured, raped 19 times and shot during her rescue.

Sadly, a bullet to her hip has left her disabled and suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

She still has ongoing nightmares and fears an Iraqi soldier will come cut her head off as he had promised.

But, perhaps worst of all, her South Carolina Federal Credit Union bank account recently had an average daily balance of -$1,400.00 (negative) and she received an eviction notice at her place of residence. Her electrical power bill climbed to over $900.00 and she faced having her electricity cut off. All of this is largely due to outrageously excessive bank account fees from South Carolina Federal. How excessive? Her bank charged her over $2,500.00 in only 5 months. The average American's monthly bank charge is about $10.00, not 50 times that amount!

Since South Carolina Federal was unwilling to refund any significant portion of these obviously excessive fees, this website will spell out some of the very poor customer service she has received from South Carolina Federal staff. One paticularly bothersome thing she was told (more than once) is the branch was suddenly "out of paper" and, therefore, nobody can be of further assistance to her. In short, go away and try again some other day (hopefully at some other local branch). It's not supposed that way, but that's the way it is. The uncaring attitude of customer service representatives at this bank would be shocking to almost all of their current and prospective customers. Basically, if her balance ever goes negative, they do NOT want to talk to or help her at all! But, as soon as her monthly disability payments arrive each month, South Carolina Federal grabs almost all those funds to pay off their own overdraft fees and penalties ($5.00 per day minimum). This results in her not having enough funds to pay for her housing cost, utilities or car loan. Her bank's lack of compassion is downright shameful!

Wells Fargo Dealer Services had her Volkswagen confiscated in the middle of the night, even though she had just recently made a payment and was only 1 payment behind. Because they never asked for it, her car was sold at auction without its custom remote control key. Since car auction buyers don't like buying cars with its remote control key missing, it sold for much less money than usual. Wells Fargo Dealer Services showed NO compassion, just sending an invoice ($6,000.00+!) for the difference between her loan amount and the car's very low sale price.

Photo of lady vet with flowers from early in her military career. Photograph of lady veteran with another friend also in Navy. Lady veteran exhausted after a busy day working for U.S. Navy. U.S. Navy portrait of Lady vet serving as First Class Military Police.

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Help a Disabled Lady Veteran

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